Everyday Ghost

Everyday Ghost

Everyday Ghost actually started off as the Scripture and was formed back in 2009 by Aaron Lenk and Sean Haller. They worked together for about a year writing and recording their first demo. Around 2010 they picked up drummer Bobby Butterfield after trying out a few other prospects, released a demo and began playing out. After a couple of years Aaron and Sean decided to change the name of the band to Everyday Ghost. A few months later they released their debut album Volume One in October 2011. Due to health issues Bobby Butterfield was let go from the band in early 2013. The band continued to push forward and found replacement drummer Nate Cupp. After the release of their self titled album and the release of their music video the Cure in October of 2014 they started gaining some momentum. Lead guitarist Pete Metropoulos joined the group in 2016 after working on various projects with Aaron. One of which became an EG album, "Fireset", and with the return of Bobby Butterfield on drums the momentum increased. 

Everyday Ghost decided to build their own recording studio later in July of 2016 to help speed up the writing and recording process. Not to mention the cost of recording in another studio. The studio was finally completed in January of 2017. Since then all the bugs have been worked out and the music is flowing for the next few releases they are currently working on. The album "Fireset" featuring John Macaluso on drums was eventually released digitally in November of 2017 along with a music video for the single "Antidote". 

Closing out 2017 with the release of Fireset and a string of shows around Michigan EG had to recently part ways with Bobby Butterfield. Now, moving forward with newest member Jose "Jojo" Jimenez on drums, they continue to work on their next album which is scheduled to be released later this year. They will be promoting their latest album while introducing some of the new songs off the upcoming album into their set and phasing out some of the older songs. 

2014/2015 30th Annual Review Music Awards Best Music Video and Best Rock Video Winner (Everyday Ghost) 2016/2017 31st Annual Review Music Awards Best Band Website Nominee (everydayghost.com) 

2017/2018 32nd Annual Review Music Awards Best Metal Band Winner