Rocktropolis 3113

Release March 2015 

All Music Written, Produced And Recorded By Rocktropolis & Christopher Lewis @ Firehyena Studio's 
Guitar: Pete Metropoulos 
Bass/Keys: Sam Metropoulos 
Drums: Marc Stemmler 
All Rights Reserved Rocktropolis (R) 2015

Rocktropolis  2013 Detroit Music Awards Limited Edition Disk

Release April 19th 2013

 "Rocktropolis 2013 Detroit Music Awards Limited Edition Disk" 

Composition notes: 

Stratosphere- This is the first song we wrote together. It set the standard, at that time, of the direction we wanted our music to go. 

What Time Has Changed- This piece was created as a way to showcase that not only do we have the ability to write Metal/Progressive styles but, that we can also compose music of a lighter fare. 

Order Out Of Chaos- Was penned with the intention of being vocal friendly with a hard driving Metal/Progressive edge. 

Locked Door- The working title for this piece at inception was “Spacey” for we wanted to express something with a dreamy/spacey feel. 

In This Life- Another vocal friendly tune with a slight lean toward pop-rock. 

Epic Storm- They say “History repeats itself” yet, nothing in this composition does. We began with the idea of taking the listener on a sonic journey of an approaching storm, to its apex, then finally to its dissipation/resolution. 

Beyond The Unknown- This track is another vocal friendly song while containing heavier grooves. 

Special Thanks: Howard Hertz, Joe Bellanca, David Asher(The Process), Seth Payton, Chris Lewis(Firehyena Studio), Pete Mossner, Gabe Gonzalez, Tosha Owens, Marq Andrew Speck(Sweet Crystal), John Macaluso(Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark, V.O.X.), Darian Counts(Detroit Live Magazine), Parker and Yamaha guitars, Brawley Basses, Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Any and all bands we have performed with to this date and our families, friends and fans too numerous to individually name. 

This Special, Very Limited 10 pressing Collector’s Edition D.M.A. Disk is a raw demo example capturing the ideas and essence of Rocktropolis. We are currently recording these and other compositions at Firehyena Studio with the first album release targeted for Summer 2013. 

Through the grace of God, we have the honor of being nominated for 3 D.M.A.s in 2013. We deeply thank all who have participated in the voting process to elevate us this far. As we wish all nominees the greatest of luck in this year’s D.M.A. ceremony.