Tony Birch

SONG: Synergy (feat. Pete Metropoulos)

© Copyright - Tony Birch
Genre: Synth Wave / New Wave Retro
Release Date: 2019

Roach King and The Resinators

Song: Solution: Revolution

© Copyright - Roach King and the Resinators / Multi-Pass Publishing (190394796686)
Reggae for the mind, soul, and empowerment.
Genre: Reggae: Reggae rock
Release Date: 2016


The Process

Song: Psalm of David

© Copyright - David Asher, Garrick Owen / Temple Gong (888295449564)
2016 beholds the long awaited release of the new full length album from Detroit's Rock Reggae Madmen, THE PROCESS. With guest artists Dick Wagner, Adrian Sherwood, Little Axe, Ghetto Priest, Lord Kimo, David Harrow, Mikki Sound and Lee Perry.
Genre: Reggae: Dub
Release Date: 2016